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April 11 - 13, 2002

         Click to view your choice of Awards or scroll thru list:

George Spader Award                         Service Awards       
    Honor Clubs                                         Silver Medal Award
    Meritorious Achievement Award         Spade Club Awards        
    Newsletters                                          Trowel Club Awards
    Photography                                        Youth Gardening   

    Scholarship Awards                                 

           Awards listed below in the order presented.  

  Youth Gardening: For the outstanding Youth Gardening
   programs in TGOA/MGCA:
   -  Clifford Hall - Gardeners Club of Green Bay
   -  Club Award - Northland Gardeners of America,
                            Janice Hawk, President.  Mo-Kan Region

   Photography: Best of Show Winners
   2nd Runner-up: Donald P. Delmez, Gardeners of St. Charles
                             Japanese Iris, Iris ensata, 'Mai-Ogi'
   1st  Runner-up: Paul Hartman, Gardeners Club of Green Bay
                             Rose, Rosa odorata, 'Voodoo'
   Best of Show:    Donald P. Delmez, Gardeners of St. Charles
                             Japanese Iris Seedling, 'Iris ensata'
   Sweepstakes Award: For the most blue ribbons:
                      Rodney Toth, Men's Garden Club of Youngstown

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   Service Awards:
   -  TGOA Palm Beach Garden Club    FL    1/27/97        5 yrs
    -  Greenville MGCA                           SC   4/07/97        5 yrs
    -  The Rankin County GOA               MS   2/24/92       10 yrs
    -  East Valley Gardeners Club          AZ    1/02/87       15 yrs
    -  Gardeners of Western PA             PA    6/20/87      15 yrs
    -  Gallatin County MGC                     MT   5/18/82       20 yrs
    -  Burlington MGC                            NC   1/02/77        25 yrs 
    -  MGC of North Iowa                        IA     1/02/77       25 yrs
    -  GOA Overland Park                      KS    1/02/77       25 yrs
    -  Gardeners of St Charles County  MO    1/02/77       25 yrs
    -  TGOA-Monterey Peninsula           CA   10/09/67       35 yrs
    -  MGC of Erie County                     OH    1/05/62        40 yrs
    -  Foothill MGC                                CA    2/01/62        40 yrs
    -  Maple City MGC                            MI     1/02/57        45 yrs
    -  Fulton County Garden Club         OH   12/01/52       50 yrs
    -  Rockford Area GOA                       IL    12/23/47       55 yrs
    -  Santa Rosa MGC                          CA     4/04/47       55 yrs
    -  MGC of Minneapolis                      MN    1/02/42        60 yrs
    -  Akron MGC                                   OH    1/02/37        65 yrs
    -  MGC of Syracuse                          NY   11/16/37        65 yrs
    -  MGC of Des Moines                       IA     9/26/32        70 yrs
    -  Fort Wayne GOA                           IN     9/26/32        70 yrs

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   Honor Clubs: Percent Increase in Membership
    -  Mo-Kan                     Mission Springs GOA    KS     35.7 %
    -  Ozark                       Gardeners of Parkway   MO     33.3 %
    -  Central Great Lakes  Fulton County GC         OH     25.0 %
    -  Rocky Mountain        Denver GOA                  CO     25.0 %
    -  Illinois-Wisconsin      Rochelle GOA                IL      20.0 %
    -  Blue Ridge                 Spartanburg MGC         SC     19.8 %
    -  Illinois-Wisconsin      GC of  Green Bay          WI     18.7 %
    -  Florida-Georgia      Marietta Gardeners Club  GA     13.9 %
    -  Arizona-New Mex.  East Valley Garden Club   AZ     12.9 %
    -  Florida-Georgia    Mountain Shadow G. Club  GA     12.1 %

   George Spader Award:
       For the greatest percent increase in membership over the
       previous year:
       Mo-Kan          Lake Lotawana  Garden Club       MO   120 %

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   Newsletters:   Editor       Newsletter                  Club
   Class A:
 1st place:   Bob PLoger    The Green Thumb
                     First MGC of Dallas, TX
   2nd place:  Brad Lucht   The Manure Spreader
                     Greater Kansas City GOA
   Class B:   
   1st place:  Karen Williams   The Nite Crawler 
                    The Gardeners of Spokane, WA  
   2nd place: Geraldine Herman   The Manure Spreader
                    Stow Community Garden Club, OH
   3rd place:  Harry Ofverstedt   The Sprout
                    GOA Overland Park, KS

   Class C:
   1st place:  Teresa Edgar    Horticulture Highlights
                    Olathe GOA, KS
   2nd place: Betty Stokes    The PHD 
                    Hill and Dale Garden Club, Cherokee Village, AR
   3rd place:  Kathy Lasanta & Rhonda Yabrow
                    The Gardeners Corner
                    Marietta Gardeners Club, GA

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   Spade Club Awards: For recruiting new members.
   Club with highest percent of participants:
   Greater Kansas City GOA _ 13 Spade Club Members for 2002

   One Year Spade Club Members - 37 - Various clubs.
   Two Year Spade Club Members - 10 - Various clubs.
   Four Year spade Club Members - 4 - Various clubs.
   Five Years:
   -  Betty Fletcher              Blue Springs      MO
   -  Charles Thompson       Dallas                 TX
   -  Francis Weng               Akron                 OH
   Six Years:
   -  John Hunt                    Richardson         TX
   -  F. Donald Lewis            Palm Beach         FL
   -  Miles Raymond             Olathe                 KS
   -  Eleanor Walsh              Kansas City        MO
   Seven Years:
   -  Velma Walker               Emporia              KS
   -  John Walsh                  Kansas City        MO
   Ten Years:
   -  Grace  Brasher             Kansas City        MO
   -  Jack Fletcher                Blue Springs       MO
   Thirteen Years:
   - Theodore Bale               Canfield               OH
   -  Leno Laner                   New Middletown  OH
   Fourteen Years:
   -  Charles Brasher           Kansas City         MO
   Seventeen Years:
   -  Robert M. Smoker        Tecumseh            KS
   Nineteen Years:
   -  Dale D. Luthi                 Kansas City        MO  

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     Trowel Club Awards:  For recruiting new members
      who renew for a 2nd year.
      30 Trowel Club Members for 2002 from 20 clubs.
      Gardeners Club of Green Bay had 4 Trowel Club Members.

     Scholarship Awards:
     Candidate                  Affiliation                                    Score

      Maricela Rojas         Richland Col. - Dallas MGC            572
      Vincente Tremonte  Ohio State - Akron MGC                 563
      Chris Wiesinger      Texas A & M - Austin MGC              556
      Brenda Madkin        Richland Col. - Dallas MGC             556
      Laura Nackerud      Hennepin Tech - Coon Rapids, MN  547

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      Silver Medal Award: In recognition of a TGOA/MGCA
   member for outstanding service to the national organization:
                 Presented to: James A. Tracey - member of:
                                  The Rockford Area Gardeners of America
                                  The Tucson Gardeners of America
                                  President of TGOA/MGCA in 1992

   Meritorious Achievement Award: A special unique
   award never given before. For long, dedicated and capable
   service to the organization as National Treasurer, President
   and Past President:
                  Presented to: Ronald A. Heggen - member of:
                                    Men's Garden Club of Des Moines
                                    President of TGOA/MGCA in 2000
                                    National Treasurer for many years.
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