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June 2 - 4, 2005

         Click to view your choice of Awards or scroll thru list:
          Note: Some winners to be posted later as available.

    Beautification Award (Home Garden)   Newsletters  
   Beautification Award (Organization)     Photography  
   Creativity Award                                   Scholarship Awards  
   Environmental & Conservation             Service Club Awards
   Gardening from the Heart                     Silver Medal

 George Spader Award                          Spade Club Awards             
   Honor Clubs                                          Trowel Club Awards
   Johny Appleseed Award                     
Beautification Award (Home Garden):
       David and Julie Marcyes, Spokane, WA, Gardeners of Spokane
Beautification Award (Organization):
      Dixon Area Garden Club, Dixon Illinois

Creativity Award:
        No Award in 2005

Environmental & Conservation Achievement Award:
         No Award in 2005

Gardening from the Heart:
          No Award in 2005

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George Spader Award:
       For the greatest percent increase in membership over the
       previous year:

Central Great Lakes Region   Findlay Men and Women's
                                                              Garden Club, Findlay, OH       
                                                               113.04 % increase

  Honor Clubs:
  Membership increase information was not presented at the 2005 convention.
  Here is a list of top clubs from the Jan/Feb 2005 TGOA Newsletter;

    Percent Increase in Membership 12/31/03 to 11/30/04
      -  Men & Women's Garden Club of Findlay    Ohio           113.04 %
      -  Mid South Region                                                           44.64 %
      -  GOA Overland Park                                     Kansas        40.35 %
      -  Marietta Gardeners Club                             Georgia       36.96 %
      -  Excelsior Springs Garden Club                    Missouri      32.50 %
      -  Tioga County MGC                                       New York    28.00 %
      -  At Large - Central Great Lakes                                        25.49 %
      -  Gardeners of Green Bay                              Wisconsin    25.00 %
      -  Valley of the Sun Gardeners                       Arizona        23.19 %
      -  East Valley Gardeners Club                         Arizona        23.19 %
      -  At Large - Upstate New York                                            23.08 %
      -  Elgin GOA                                                    Illinois         20.00 %

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Johnny Appleseed Award:
Robert J. Mongin, Gardeners Club of Green Bay,
                                         Green Bay, Wisconsin


2004 Newsletter awards are here:

               Newsletter    Club or Region    Editor

Class A Club Award:   (101 + members)
   1st place:  "The Manure Spreader", Greater Kansas City Gardeners of
                    Kansas City, MO, Gigi L. Dorner, Editor
   2nd place:  "The Austin Gardener", Garden Club of Austin, TX
                      Norman Wagner, Editor
   3rd place:  "The Garden Gabber", Men's Garden Club of Akron, OH
                      Leroy Hart, Editor
Class B Club Award:    (51-100 members)
   1st place:   "Tiller", Garden Club of Green Bay, WI
                     Mary Naumann, Editor
   2nd place:   "The Green Thumb", First Men's Garden Club of Dallas, TX
                       Bob Alloger, Editor

   3rd place:   "The Manure Spreader", Stow Community Garden Club, OH
                      Geraldine Herman, Editor


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Best of Show Winners
   Best of Show:       Arabella S. Dane   Member at Large (AHS)
                                Geranium, Maderense                      
   1st  Runner-up:     Anne C. Allen  Member at Large (AHS)
                                Magnolia, "Ann" 
   2nd  Runner-up:    Melissa Hanlin  Olathe Gardeners of America
                                Spider on Tageles petula, Marigold
   Sweepstakes Winner: Donald Bolak   Member at Large (AHS)
                total score - 240        Blue -15. Red - 5, Yellow - 0                   
Click here to View Photos: Photography Competition Winners            
Best of Section Winners: 
Section   Description                  Winner               Club Name
     A          Roses                                Helen  Lynch       Member at Large
     B          Annual Flowers                Arabella Dane      Member at Large (AHS)
     C          Perennial & Biennial        Debra Kayata       Member at Large (AHS)
                 Flowers (excluding Bulbs)                            
     D          Bulb-Like Flowers             Debra Kayata      Member at Large (AHS)
     E          Specialty Flowering          Donald Bolak       Member at Large (AHS)
     F          Trees, Shrubs & Woody     Anne Allen          Member at Large (AHS)
     G          Edible Fruits and Nuts        Elmo Dinehart     Gardeners of Spokane
     H          Vegetables                         Jerry Cleland      Gardeners of Central
                                                                                                Lake County
     I           Plants Grown in                  Donald Bolak     Member at Large (AHS)
                 Containers, Pots, or                                                
                 Hanging Baskets 
     J          Wildflower                            Jerry Cleland     Gardeners of C. L. C
     K          Private, Public & Natural      Sherrill E. Lynch  Member at large
     L          Specimen Photography        Burt Konzal          Valley of the Sun G.
     M         Miscellaneous                       Melisa Hanlin       Olathe GOA

Scholarship Awards:
     Candidate             City                      Affiliation
      Anna Leis          Germantown, OH    Ohio State University                   
                                                               Men's Garden Club of Akron                
      Jessica Ritter         West Point, NE       University of Nebraska
      Justin Roberts        Florence, MS         Hinds Community College, MS
      Stephanie Snyder  Manhattan, KS       Kansas State University
      Ty McClellan            Lincoln, NE              University of Nebraska

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 Service Club Awards:

Here is an  Anniversary list for 2005 compiled by the TGOA/MGCA office.
This list was not presented at the National Convention

      Club Name                                           State     Year     Anniversary

Men's Garden Club of Greater Cleveland     OH       1935        70 yrs
Men's Garden Club of Albany                       Ny        1940        65 yrs
Dixon Area Garden Club                               IL         1950        55 yrs
Garden Club of Ritenour                               MO       1950        55 yrs
First Men's Garden Club of Dallas                 TX        1950        55 yrs
Garden Club of Littleton                               CO        1955        50 yrs
Boone County Gardeners of America            IL        1955        50 yrs
Kirkwood Garden Club                                 MO       1955        50 yrs
Garden Club of Austin                                  TX        1955        50 yrs
Liberty Hyde Bailey Garden Club                 NY        1960        45 yrs
Men's Garden Club of Tioga County             NY        1960        45 yrs
Tyler Men's Garden Club                              TX        1970        35 yrs
Gardeners of Parkway                                  MO       1975        30 yrs        
Arlington Men's Garden Club                        TX        1975        30 yrs

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   Spade Club Awards:
  For recruiting the most new members:

  2004 Spade Club Members:
   One Year Spade Club Members - 42 - Various clubs.
   Two Years:
   -  Joseph Alessi    Youngstown MGC  OH
   -  Don Crowder    Spartanburg MGC   SC
   -  Dale Dorner       Kansas City GOA   MO
   -  Gigi Dorner        Kansas City GOA   MO
   -  Betty Fletcher    Kansas City  GOA  MO
   -  Clara Ross            Spokane GOA     WA
   -  Charles Thompson   Dallas MGC      TX 
   Four Years:
   -  Henry Pittman    Spartanburg MGC  SC
   -  Bill Wilson          Spartanburg MGC  SC
   Five Years:
   -  Kay Elliot            Kansas City GOA    MO
   Nine  Years:
   -  John Hunt                   Dallas MGC     TX
   Thirteen Years:
   -  Grace  Brasher     Kansas City GOA    MO
   -  Jack Fletcher        Kansas City GOA    MO
   Seventeen Years:
   -  Charles Brasher    Kansas City  GOA   MO
   Twenty Years:
   -  Robert M. Smoker     Topeka GOA      KS
   Twenty One Years:
   -  Dale D. Luthi       White River GOA      AR

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     Trowel Club Awards:
For recruiting new members who renew for a 2nd year.

2004 Trowel Club Members
      Clara Ross             Spokane GOA                 WA

      Sherri Vance          Fort Wayne GOA            IN

      Caroline Broyles    Spartanburg  MGC          NC
      Don Crowder          Spartanburg  MGC          NC
      Bill Wilson              Spartanburg  MGC          NC

      Andrew Bettick        Akron MGC                     OH

      Joseph Alessi           Youngstown MGC           OH
      Hugh Earnhart          Youngstown MGC           OH

      William Feleciano    Topeka GOA                   KS
      Martha Smoker         Topeka GOA                   KS
      Robert Smoker         Topeka GOA                   KS


Silver Medal:
     Recognition for a member of TGOA/MGCA who has rendered
     outstanding service to the national organization, The 
     Gardeners of America, Inc. / The Men's Garden Clubs of
     America, Inc.

No award in 2005
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