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Santa Rosa, CA 2009 CONVENTION
May 28 - 30, 2009

         Click to view your choice of Awards or scroll thru list:
          Note: Some winners to be posted later as available.

    Beautification Award (Home Garden)   Newsletters  
   Beautification Award (Organization)     Photography  
   Creativity Award                                   Scholarship Awards  
   Environmental & Conservation             Service Club Awards
   Gardening from the Heart                     Silver Medal

 George Spader Award                          Spade Club Awards             
   Honor Clubs                                          Trowel Club Awards
   Johnny Appleseed Award                     
Beautification Awards (Home Garden): 2009
       Maintained by member and family 

Terrie Rourke - Spartanburg Men's Garden Club, Spartanburg, SC
Beautification Award (Organization): 2009

No Award in 2009

Creativity Award:
        No Award in 2009
Environmental & Conservation Achievement Award:
         No Award in 2009
Gardening from the Heart:
          No Award in 2009

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George Spader Award:
       For the greatest percent increase in membership over the
       previous year:
       No Award in 2009

  Honor Clubs:
  Membership increase information was not presented at the 2009 convention.
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Johnny Appleseed Award
          No Award in 2009 

2009 Newsletter awards are here:

               Newsletter    Club or Region    Editor

Class A Club Award:   (101 + members)
   1st place:   No entries                   
Class B Club Award:    (51-100 members)                    
   1st place:    The Germinator. Editor David A. Campana, MGC Youngstown, OH

   2nd place:   The Green Thumb. Editor Bob Ploger, First MGC Dallas, TX

   3rd place:    The Fertilizer. Editor Chris Christiansen, MGC Des Moines, IA

Class C Club Award:     (Up to 50 members)
    1st place:   The Kansas Sprout. Editor Sherra Schuck, GOA Overland Park, KS
    2nd  and 3rd place:   No entries

Region Newsletters:
    1st place:  The Johnny Appleseed Broadcaster. Editor Joseph Alessi, Jr.    
                                                                               Central Great Lakes Region


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Best of Show Winners - 2009
   Best of Show:       Karyn Chaffin     Member Denver Gardeners of America, CO
                                Echinacea parpurea with Two-Tailed Swallowtail butterfly         
   1st  Runner-up:     Sherra Schuck   Member GOA Overland Park, KS
                                Dicentra, Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart
   2nd  Runner-up:    Debra Kayata   Member at Large/AHS, Ocean City, NJ
   Sweepstakes Winner:  Karyn Chaffin   Member Denver Gardeners of America, CO
                                        total score:  258               
Click here to View Photos: Photography Competition Winners            

Scholarship Awards: 2009
     Candidate                     Affiliation                          Sponsor
 Karlyn Ruth Green           Ohio State University               MGC Akron, OH
 Karen E. Momper             Un. of Missouri, Columbia        M0-Kan Region
 Amy Elaine Ryan             Ohio State University, ATI        MGC Akron, OH
 Philip D. Hatfield             Ohio State University                MGC Akron, OH
 Alyson E. Pierce              Youngstown & Michigan           MGC Youngstown, OH     
                                          State Universities

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 Service Club Awards:

This list was not presented at the 2009 National Convention


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   Spade Club Awards:
  For recruiting the most new members:
          These Awards were not presented at the 2009 Convention.

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     Trowel Club Awards:
For recruiting new members who renew for a 2nd year.
           These Awards were not presented at the 2009 Convention.


Silver Medal:
     Recognition for a member of TGOA/MGCA who has rendered
     outstanding service to the national organization, The 
     Gardeners of America, Inc. / The Men's Garden Clubs of
     America, Inc.
             This Award was not presented at the 2009 Convention.

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